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18.          GAVARRONE, DOMENICO 1861     

The Brig "Messina" skirt around Cape Vaticano thanks to the change of the wind in a storm

Watercolor on paper, cm 44x56,5          (inv. Costa n.41)

Signed: Domenico Gavarrone Genova li 21 Feb.o 1861

Known data:

   TYPE:                        pole brig
   CAPTAIN:                Andrea Senno


        "Storm suffered by the Bark Messina commanded by Capt.n Andrea Senno, on the 22th day of Jan.ry 1860 in the Coast of Calabria; five miles distant from the Cape Vaticano, in which it would been surely shipwrecked, when for intercession of Our Lady of Boschetto the wind had not been varied in the opposite sense, where he could be pushed away from the same cape."