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1.             CAMMILLIERI,  NICOLAS  1837       

The "Concordia" surprised  by a wind tempest 

Watercolor on paper, cm 45,5 x 57    (inventory Costa n. 4)

Signed: Cammillieri 

Known data:

TYPE:                          brig
SHIPOWNER:           G.B. Ansaldo
CAPTAIN:                  Francesco Schiaffíno son of Pietro from Camogli


    "The Sardinian Brig La Concordia of  Mr. G. B. Ansaldo, Capt. Francesco Schiaffino son of Peter from Camogli, the evening of the 20th November 1837 being in the vicinities of the Bogazzo, Dark and rainy weather, don't being able to recognize it, putting themselves to the hawser with the square sails, been stranged by a wind tempest coming from NW don't being able to gov.n with Sails,  praying Holy Maria  of the Boschetto and the Holy and and the Souls of Purg.ry at midnight finding  the Bogazzo and Going to Salvage, having approximately three palms of water in the Bilge and pumps with grain, 20 Ships sunk with as Victims the great part of their crews."


As indicated in the synthetically descriptive written, in the reconstruction of the Cammillieri is visualized with the emphasis the of the sky dusk, the violence of the sea, the vicinity of the coast and the cargo letting alone to throw on the sea. 

There are in this painting the obviously recurrent elements of the votive offerings, but the author abandons here the traditional side vision of the ship, occasion of virtuosic definitions of the details (also between the foam of tidal wawes), preferring the view nearly from stern, with the ship that goes away, creating a greater effect of depth and breath to the scene.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: L. Rebuffo, Marine Ex Voto, (Ex voto marinari), Rome 1961, table LI