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7.                        "F. C." 1850                     

"Il Prudente" (The Prudent) resists to a wind thunderstorm

Washdrawing on paper, cm 47 x 62     (inventory Costa n. 14)

Signed:  "F.C."

Known datas:

   TYPE:              brig
  CAPTAIN:       Francesco Chiesa


      "V.F.G.R. Brig Il Prudente commanded by Capt.n Francisco Chiesa. Being on the day 28 February in the vicinities of Head of Bear; with a Wind Thunderstorm of Borea at the distance of a quarter of Mile it has by the Blessed Virgin his soul Miraculously saved. Year 1850- F. G."


Silvio Caccaos (Ex-Voto at the Boschetto Church and in foreign countries), in "The Madonna of the Boschetto Bulletin ", 1975 (2), pp.11-12, defines this work, surely a unicum in the nucleus of the Ex-Voto of the  Boschetto Church, like a " painting with nightmare designs and colors ". 

Effectively the author estrange himself from all other painters with his exclusive working technique, chromatic palette, but above all particularly the angry and dramatic scene, only apparently ingenuous, until to forecast clear Vangogh atmospheres. A deepened comparison with other nucleus of Ex-Voto paintings could turn out fundamental in order to try the identification, if not of the personality that hides behind the signature " F.C. ", for other attributable works to F.C.: at moment they do not turn out anyone between those conserved to Montallegro or in other Sanctuaries of the Levant coast from Liguria.


BIBLIOGRAPHY:  L. Rebuffo, Ex voto marinari Roma 1961, table LXXV.