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6.                       ROUX, LOUIS  1880               

The brig "Zio Battista" risks the shipwreck in the Gulf Stream

Washdrawing on paper, cm 51x72    (inventory Costa n. 67) 

Signed:   Louis Roux Marseille Rue...n.22

Known data:

   TYPE:                                             pole brig
   SHIPOWNER:                              Gio Bono Olivari
   CAPTAIN:                                     Gio Bono Olivari


     "To Our Lady of the Boschetto in sign of gratitude for the obtained grace on the 11th day of December 1880, being with the Italian Ship Zio Battista, commanded by Captain Gio. Bono Olivari, for cause of fair Storm in danger of shipwreck, in the waters of the Gulf Stream in 35 41', 67 8' 0".


Immediately surprised by the particularly shining chromatic range with the same offer as "the Figogna ship" signed by Louis and today in parochial Church of Lerici (the Marine Ex-Voto of Five Lands..., Genoa 1979, table 71) this painting documenting the later production of the Roux of Marseille. 

It documents also the last moment of the tradition of the "Ex-Voto" offered to the Boschetto Church that extinguishes in these years in connection with the decline of the camogliese sailship age tightened from difficulties  tied during the general Italian crisis and to the advent of the motor navigation: the local shipowners tried to find a solution in the Conference of the Italian Shipowners by they called just in Camogli in the 1880 (cfr. G.B.R. Figari - S. Bagnato Bonuccelli, "La Marina Mercantile di Camogli" ("The Merchant Marine of Camogli") Genoa 1983, p.131).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: G.B.R. Figari - S. Bagnato Bonuccelli, "The Merchant Marine of Camogli " (La Marina Mercantile di Camogli), Genoa 1983, p.131.