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5.               ROUX,  ANTOINE,  junior  1843      

The "San Carlo" saved on a tempest in the Black Sea

Watercolor on paper cm 46x58    (inventory Costa n. 9)

Signed:  Ant.e Roux fils Marseille 1843

On the back applied label:

      Antoine Roux fils hydrographe Fait e vend toutes sortes d'Utensiles et d'ouvrage pour la navigation. Sur le port, prés le coin de reboul. Marseille. N. B. il dessine les Marines.

Known data:

   TYPE:                                                  brig
   DATE OF CONSTRUCTION :        1835  
  SHIPOWNER:                                   Erasmo Schiaffino
  CAPTAIN:                                          Diego Schiaffino


"In horrible storm in which our life ended
may be for the Eternity,
You saved us Oh, Mother,
Spirit and Life!

Offer made by Capt. Diego Schiaffino from Camogli, Commander of the Brig San Carlo; finding itself berthed in the oadstead of Varna (Black Sea); with the saying loaded ship on the day 23rd October 1843 while it was surprised from horrible tempest of Greek Wind and Levant (that caused the wreck of Seven ships and crews) miraculously saved for grace asked and obtained by Holy Maria".


Roux has to represent one situation only apparently opposite to the previous one: the danger that can hide unexpected for who is on board also when it could be believed of being to the surest place. 

Get loosing itself unexpectedly by the forces of the nature, dangerous also while the ship is in oadstead and not far from land, as emphasizes the written caption in order to evidence it, he obtained grace saving itself, whem for the same fact seven ships with their crews have been shipwrecked. 

More than in other paintings it seems to hear the sailor telling what's happened to the painter in the slightest details in order to obtain a precise commemoration of what happened.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:  S. Caccaos,  Ex Voto marinari al Boschetto e all'estero,  in "La Madonna del Boschetto" Bulletin, 1975 (2), pp. 11-12.