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4.                ROUX, ANTOINE, junior  1838        

Miracle on board of the "Concordia" at Domenico Gavino

Watercolor on paper cm 34,5 x 45   (inventory Costa n. 6)

Signed:   Ant.e Roux fils ainé Marseille

Known data:

   TYPE:                      brig
   SHIPOWNER:       G. B. Ansaldo
   CAPTAIN:              Giuseppe Revello


     "Offered by Gavino, Second officer of the Brig Concordia; Capt. Revello, fell from board in the sloop on 27 March 1838 in the port of Odessa "


The brig here represented in the calm waters in the port of Odessa, is the same one that, a year before, Cammillieri painted in a wind tempest from which miraculously it had been saved (cfr. card # 1). 

This second offer once again documents the rewarded faith of the crew and in this particular occasion of Domenico Gavino grateful for being saved after an incident in far lands. 

The painter reconstructed the atmosphere of the proceeding work carried on board, with the men watching to the to prow maneuvers and the violent interruption of the calm with the incident on the stern. The immobility of the boat is a good occasion in order to show the virtuoso definitions of some details like the woman figurehead. 

An equal formulation was used by the author in similar occasions like the painting of the Austrian brig "Calmius" stranded in 1852 in the sea of Azof conserved in the Sanctuary of Montenero to Livorno (Votive offers of the Sanctuary of Montenero, Catalogue of the Exibition, Philadelphia 1984).

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