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21.       GAVARRONE, DOMENICO attr.  1851   

A hurricane invests the brig"Orbita" homeway back from New York

Watercolor on paper, cm.50x65             (inv. Costa n.16)

Known data:

   TYPE:                      pole brig
   CAPTAIN:              Giuseppe Figari


        "Blow of Hurricane from WSW; happened unexpectedly to the Ship "Orbita"; laying with E.S.E. wind, loaded, coming from New York in the 39 N. and 44 W. on the 14th day of N.ber 1851. Capt. Giuseppe Figari Italian"


Customary of Domenico Gavarrone was to sign their own works specifying also place and date of execution, but also in lack of such a confirmation it seems to refer to its hand this painting of the brig "Orbita" in a hurricane. 

Accredited  to the paint-brush of the Gavarrone it seems, in fact, the chromatic range, the descriptive definition of the hull, and, above all, the general formulation of the scene.