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20.            GAVARRONE, DOMENICO  1866     

Miracle in the shipyard for capt. Lavarello

Watercolor on paper, cm 49,5x72         (inv. Costa n. 49)

Signed: Domenico Gavarrone Genova li 14 Luglio 1866

Known data:

   TYPE:                     pole brig ( ? )
   SHIPOWNER:      Prospero Lavarello


       "On the day 12th August 1865 capt. Prospero Lavarello son of Gio Batta, born in Camogli in the year 1810, towards five hours p.m., on deck of the shipbuilding in Varazze to observe some works when it suddenly slipped from the same ship over the extremity of the roof's House that was in proximity, and from that he bounced falling over a bridge and from this on earth, causing one rib and an arm broken and a strained knee; but for interception of Our Lady of Boschetto it could in short time reorganize and in thankfullness of that this picture he offers to Her."


This kind of incident, evoked also by a second offer of the Sanctuary of Boschetto (table 56, Inv. Costa n. 53), constitutes a precious document for the acquaintance of the construction techniques thanks to the exactness with which the hull in construction is represented. 

Once again, therefore, the attention and naval technical acquaintance of the painter emerges, able to render the offer an unique specimen within of such specific devotional paintings, whose frequent "na´f " tone is here exceeded thanks to the precise description.

The incident to Prospero Lavarello is indicated that it happened in a shipyard of Varazze where a great number of the camogliese sailships were constructed.

Such data can be gained, between others, from the associates directory of the Mutual Camogliese Marine Cargo Insurance of the year 1853 (Cfr. Gio Bono Ferrari. "The City of the Thousand White Sailships", Camogli, 1935, anastatic 1991, p.231) in which exactly results that were constructed in Varazze nearly the totality of the boats while only a minority was built in Savona, Genoa PrÓ and someone also in Recco.