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           Battle Ships of the XIX Century           

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The period from 1860 to 1910 saw a rapid development on war ships building, but however  today very few documantation remains for this little studied and known period and of which the several information, nearly absent in the Italian language, are scattered and fragmentary. In order to overwhelm this gap we have meant to supply a unitary documentation and coherent in format of short easy updatable record cards reported on the several units of which the images still exists, re-uniting in a single body the essential information available, collected  from the disparate sources at our disposition, the greater part of which are cited in the Bibliography.

Also thinking that the information are reasonably accurate, therefore as found from various sources, are published thought reliable, however on the exactitude of the data we decline any responsibility, also being some sources in contrast between them and neither the compiler, nor the colleagues neither the owners of the sources of information can be thought responsible for eventual errors or inaccuracies, all offered to the internet community in a cooperative collaboration. Therefore they must be considered pure indicative.

The property of the images and the witnesses are reserved to the respective owners and their duplication is prohibited under whichever shape without their consent.

The purpose of this job is only to supply information and documentations without any commercial purpose. Therefore we do not sell or authorize reproduction or duplications of photo, images, postcards, texts of this website, also in respect to the image owners.

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