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Marketing Strategy
Our real estate promotion and marketing strategies

If you’ve found our website between millions... we’we reached our first objective.

The second is to catch up the objective of our Customer: to operate on the real estate market at
the best conditions.

For EVERY Customer who entrusts us the sale of his property we realize one ad hoc campaign marketing taking advantage of with of suitable instruments characterizing, maximizing and to catch up the target of interest of the proposed piece of real estate.
The media mainly utilized are:

Internet is currently one of the most effective mass media at our disposition: every day million searches are carried out on real estate investments in the greater search engines.
For this Bozzo Agency, beyond having a daily updated website, cares the importance of its good positioning, of its user-friendly, the daily updating, the quality of its contents, the visitor/customer conversion thanks also to the continuous improvement of the communication technologies adopted.

Search "Agenzia Bozzo" on a search engine clicking on:

   ,  etc.

We are present in many important Real Estate directories, chosen on the base of their popularity and on which we introduce our properties to the potential customers of all the world with selections based on Internet searches marketing and with one clear idea on the purchase or on the investment to realize.

In order to catch up an important segment of Customers the press still remains a valid instrument.
Market analisy, our 40-years experience in the communication and promotion, searches of always updated marketing, suggest the best choices between the different medium in order to promote the piece of real estate adapted to the right user: daily newpapers, weeklies magazine, technical and specialized magazines and reviews, etc.


Last but not least, what the Customers knows and says about us is still the most important and truer resource: the reputation.
Ours is an old but modern Agency projected in the future that has never sold at all costs: the esteem and the professional seriousness that we enjoys, constructed with forty years of serious and honest daily engagement are our greater patrimony.
For this reason the “mouth-to-ear”, is the oldest but still our best advertising media where analysis, studies or research are useless. And it is also free (that for a Genoese it’s the maximum...).
Since ever engaged to maintain the quality of our services on the Customer’s requested levels, we pray You to notify us eventual observations, reliefs or critics (nobody must be considered perfect) in the relationships with the operators or the collaborators of the Real estate agency Bozzo.

Responsibile: Andrea Bozzo
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