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Leslie Arthur Wilcox, "Homeward Bound - Picking up a tug off Dover", Parker Gallery, Dover

There are plenty of paintings of old sail ships but it is not so for the photos: the disappearance of the square riggers coincides with the invention and the development of photography who was just in time to show us, engraved on glass slides on the chassis of the first wood box cameras the rude and harsh reality of shipboard life devoid from lyricism and romance, whether intentionally or not, the artist tends to transmit to his work.

Nothing is more true as a photograph to "freeze the moment" and to give better than any other mean the emotions and feelings of the time.

In addition, we liked, starting from a silent picture, give life at a ship, searching for the name, rediscover her characteristics and history to fix the memory and all this wealth of information otherwise lost.

The intent of this work is solely to provide information and documents with no commercial purpose or financial gain.

Therefore we
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